Post D. Ukraine Atrocities -The West Looks The Other Way

There’s None So Blind as Those That Will Not See

There is a humanitarian crisis in the Donbass where Poroshenko’s forces have been inflicting atrocities on his own civilian population on a daily basis, but as those suffering are almost exclusively ethnic Russians in the separatist areas where the bulk of the fighting takes place, they are either ignored, underplayed or misreported throughout the whole of the western ‘establishment’ media.

Compare and contrast this with the very different character of the reporting when violence and atrocities broke out in Kiev in Feb 2014 when the blame was placed almost exclusively on the Yanukovich supporters despite ample evidence that much of the violence was initiated by the protesters.                                                                                                                   Take the incident of 5/11/14 covered at                                                                                                         Had this been in Syria from an alleged Assad bomb it would have been all over the media.   It was however ignored by BBC, Guardian and Indi and so was presumably ignored by the rest of the pack.

Or the Gorlovka shelling 27/5/15                                                              and                                               Had this taken place in a city under Kiev control it would have been labelled a ‘pro-Russian atrocity’ and the video would have had blanket coverage on TV.                               Yet in a Google search under Gorlovka the first fifty hits show not one western media reference to the incident.  It’s only those bloody ethnic Russians isn’t it and anyway Kiev attributes the shelling to the pro-separatist forces.                                                                        It seems that once again they are killing themselves – see 22/1/15 in Post E.

Or that on 6/6/15 which went entirely unreported in the west.                     

 The OSCE observers never assign blame, but they point out that the shelling was from heavy artillery and came from a north-westerly direction.                                                 Gorlovka is on the front line and to the NW there are only Kiev forces. Nuff said?

There are now over one million refugees from Poroshenko’s assault on his own people and they have fled not into eastern Ukraine, but into Russia and the Crimea.

The Odessa Massacre (covered in detail in Post J)                                                                  It is with the Odessa Massacre as it played out in the mainstream media of the west, however, that the ignorant, prejudiced, and criminally selective misreporting by omission or commission can be seen at its worst.                                                                                               IN AMERICA                                                                                                                                        The State Department press briefing on 5/5/14 (which surely via the CIA should be best informed of all institutions) opens with a outright lie                                             Question: but what Kiev is doing now, does it qualify as restraint?                                         Ms Harf: Well absolutely Kiev has shown enormous restraint. And if you’re referring to what happened on Friday in Odesa, obviously I put out a statement* about that on Friday . . . but again that started because pro-Russian forces and separatists started basically mob action attacking protesters.

A lie, the video evidence clearly shows a gathering of pro-Russian supporters outside the Trade Union building with stalls, placards and tents engaging in what is demonstrably a peaceful campaign, until a violent pro-Kiev mob storms in from the right, attacks the campaigners driving them back into the building which they then set alight.                          * A formulaic expression of sympathy. 

USA Today reports the event briefly as a fire                                                                                                                                   The Wall Street Journal repeats the same canard as the NYT (see Post E) sourced from the Kiev administration and containing the ludicrous assertion that Molotov cocktails thrown by separatists from the roof were somehow able to break through lower windows and ignite the building – just apply the laws of physics to this nonsense.                                                                                                                      The Los Angeles Times misreports the event and repeats many of the lies                                                                                                                                           The Washington Post gives one nod towards the truth                                                 Asked who had thrown the Molotov cocktails, pro-Ukrainian activist Diana Berg said, ‘Our people — but now they are helping them to escape* the building.”                      * The truth being that the pro-Ukrainian right faction were doing exactly the opposite: shooting at people trying to escape the flames by climbing on to window ledges, and bludgeoning to death some who survived a jump to safety – see Post E..                            The New York Daily News                                                                                            Ignores the available evidence  and misreports                                                                                                                                             The New York Post coverage is much the same          

Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC – all mention the fire in passing, ABC news in a video report refers to ‘a fire set by an unknown arsonist.’                                                                                  All without exception parrot the Kiev/White House line/lie despite the fact that within hours all the evidence necessary to report the true facts and assign responsibility was available online.

IN THE UK                                                                                                                                          The BBC on 3/5/14 provides a very Pro-Kiev report including a reference to petrol bombs being thrown by both sides and reporting the exact sequence of events as being unclear.                                                                                                                                                     What on earth do all their intrepid reporters do with their time? The precise sequence of events was readily available within hours to anyone prepared to do just a little investigative journalism instead of relying on the Kiev narrative.                                               In another report they risk moving a little closer to the truth but still choose not to report in detail on the true nature of the atrocity.                                                                                               A later onsite report by Fergal Keane provides absolutely no information of value and gets no closer to the truth.                                                                                                                         They report on the stark contrast in Ukraine/Russian response to the tragedy, but offer no comment. This is the celebrated BBC balance and objectivity which somehow enables it to avoid reporting on facts that are staring it in the face.                                                                  A later report on 6/5/14 still misrepresents the event and gets no closer to the truth 

A Facebook  post on 3/5/14 sums up very nicely the worthlessness of the BBC ‘reporting.’

The Guardian report is covered and commented on in detail in Post J.                           The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Independent mention the fire but by and large simply churn out releases from the Kiev authorities. The Sun and Daily Mirror ignore the event.                                                                                                                                            The Express astonishingly includes a few grains of truth in its report. ‘Separatists holed up in a trade union building were forced to jump from windows after it was set on fire by pro-Ukrainians . . . Another account claimed 38 were killed, many by smoke fumes but others suffered bullet wounds’              

12/6/15                                                                                                                                   According to the UN more than 1M people are now displaced in the Donbass and almost 900,000 refugees have fled, most of them not into western Ukraine where the Odessa massacre made it clear what they could expect, but to Russia – allegedly the aggressor.                 No crossing points are available for humanitarian cargo from the Ukraine to non-Kiev controlled areas of the Donbass and access to water remains a critical issue for many civilians.                                                                                                   New York Times: 867,000 Ukrainians have left the country, most to Russia.     Right at the bottom.

For a year the Kiev regime has denied the three million people of the Donbass (their own people they claim, and the people they want to be part of a unitary Ukraine once again) their social security, pensions and vital medical supplies. They have also instituted a full economic blockade including food, electricity and water supplies. These actions are not only a deliberate violation of the Minsk protocol, they are also a war crime by the Kiev regime against their own people.

This is Poroshenko speaking in November 2014 of the people over whom he wishes to have the power of government:                                                             “Because we will have our jobs – they will not. We will have our pensions – they will not. We will have care for children, for people, for retirees – they will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens – theirs will hole up in basements. Because they are not able to do a thing.That is exactly how we will win this war.”                                                                                                             This is the language of Armas and Montt, the fascist dictators the Americans installed in Guatemala. Their death squads followed. Poroshenko has the Azov Battalion and the Right Sector.                                                                                                                                               But all this goes virtually unreported in the West.



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