Post J.The Odessa Massacre

2/5/14            The Odessa Massacre – Transferred from Post E
In Odessa 41 ethnic Russians (reportedly people collecting signatures for a referendum on a federal Ukraine) are burned alive in the trade union headquarters where they have taken refuge from pro-Kiev supporters while police stand by and do nothing to restrain the right sector activists who can be seen throwing Molotov cocktails into the building and shooting at people standing at windows to escape the flames.
The Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh hailed the massacre as ‘another bright day in our national history’.
The event was either passed over or mis-reported in the Western Media.
The New York Times buried it. Para 6 at:
It received a passing mention in the Mail and Telegraph.
The Guardian gave it broader coverage:
referring to ‘pro-Russian fighters throwing masonry and petrol bombs from the roof on to the crowd below**,’                                                                                                                          showing a still photograph of a pro-Russia activist who ‘aims a pistol at supporters of the Kiev government**,’                                                                                                                            and alleging that ‘pro-Russia fighters were also shooting from the roof**.’                      ** All false – see*** below

Pilger also touches on the incident in the penultimate paragraph of his Guardian article on 13th May, although it’s difficult to run down evidence for all his references.
Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal damned the victims with a grossly misleading headline ‘Deadly Fire Likely Sparked by Rebels’ and reporting a Ukrainian minister’s ludicrous explanation that the fire began when Molotov cocktails prepared by extremists on the roof unexpectedly (indeed) fell into the upper floor of the building and set it alight. See:                                                                                                                                                          The BBC reporting was equally shameful with absolutely no attempt made at any serious investigative work and any criticism of that day’s atrocities by the Right Sector studiously avoided.                                                                                                                                                    A Google search from 1/5/14 to 15/5/14 throws up instances of both the BBC ‘reporting’ and the criticisms made.                                                                           ,cd_min:01/05/2014,cd_max:15/05/2014&start=10&ei=r1E7VbXcBNfuaLWrgYAM#q=odessa+bbc&hl=en&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:01/05/2014,cd_max:15/05/2014&start=0

There is compelling and horrifying evidence in the many videos at:
but that at:                                                            should be essential viewing because it not only covers the events of the fire, but the American links with the Right Sector element and the way in which extremist Kiev supporters ‘celebrated’ the event. It also gives a full transcript and links to original sources, and picks up on a BBC News Magazine page of 26/12/2012 reporting on the rise and danger of Svoboda.                                                                                                                        *** I have watched a number of the many videos of the event and:                                             1. Have seen no evidence of people on the roof shooting at the crowd (the only shooting from roofs is that of right sector gunmen firing on pro-Russians) or throwing masonry or petrol bombs down, although the videos clearly show members of the crowd throwing Molotov cocktails into the building.                                                                                                  2. The hooded gunman shown in the still photograph in the Guardian as aiming a pistol at Kiev supporters is beyond any doubt shown by the videos to be a pro-Kiev thug and part of an agent provocateur operation.                                                                                                          3. All the videos clearly show the fire as starting at the bottom of the building as a result of Molotov cocktails thrown by the crowd and working its way upwards.                                        The video at:                                             is particularly revealing as it clearly shows pro-Russian supporters outside the Trade Union building with stalls, placards and tents engaging in what is demonstrably a peaceful campaign, until a violent pro-Kiev mob storms in from the right and attacks the campaigners driving them back into the building which they then set alight.

The same general Orwellian distortion of the reality of events within the Ukraine is almost without exception to be found in the Western media – the echo chamber of their master’s voice in Washington.
There are a few, both without and within the US, who try to present a balanced picture, but they are solitary voices. An extended example is to be found at

THE ODESSA MASSACRE – A RETROSPECTIVE                                                Almost a year after the incident Graham Phillips, an independent investigative journalist, published his own personal account of the events                                                               and on the anniversary a revealing and forensic analysis was posted at                                     but all the important points are covered in the links to which I have referred above, many of which were available to any half-decent investigative reporter within a day, sometimes within hours of the event.

Odessa Massacre – the First Anniversary  (Transferred from Post G)                     On the anniversary of the Odessa Massacre, the Guardian (30/4/15) and the BBC (7/5/15), those two august representatives of the honest, objective western media, revisited the events of 2/5/14 in Odessa, and in two shameful articles in which they abandoned any pretence of responsible journalism, acted as little more than apologists for the fascist Kiev regime and the Right Sector neo-Nazi thugs that terrorise and murder with its support and blessing.  As examples of sheer mendacity and blatant bias they are unequalled.

Genocide: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.

In their articles of 30/4/15 and 7/5/15 both the Guardian and the BBC return to the events of 2 May 2014 in Odessa, and in particular the massacre at the Trade Union building in Kulikovo square, and in both cases they manage to compound the offence of their 2014 contributions (see above) with articles just as grossly misleading, biased and false as their earlier offerings:                                          and 

Both refer to and rely on what is described as a detailed investigation carried out by ‘local journalists and scientific experts’ of the ‘2 May Group’. Whether they did any investigative work themselves (there is more than adequate raw material) is not made clear.              Only one of their ‘experts’ was named, their credentials were not cited, nor were any links given to the primary evidence on which they based their conclusions.

The BBC did provide a link to a ‘timeline’ of events carried out by the Group, but unfortunately it proved to be in Ukrainian, and so was entirely unhelpful in assessing the value of the Group’s contribution.                                                                                                      A Google/YouTube search under ‘2 May Group,’ yielded nothing but one confusing video with a Ukrainian narration.                                                                                                                In brief no evidence in support of either piece was provided: just take our word for it, as with so many of the American contributions.

By the nature of their presentation and by failing to give an accurate and detailed description of the sequence of events immediately preceding and during the assault on the Trade Union building, both articles avoided showing it for what it was: an unprovoked, premeditated and savage attack upon a peaceful gathering made with every intention of killing those who were being attacked.

In particular both conflated events that were entirely different in their nature, the violent street battles in and around Hretska Square in the city centre and the peaceful gathering at the Trade Union building in Kolikovo Field which were taking place some 3 kms apart.                                                                                                               Apart from the ethnicity they had in common, there was in fact absolutely no connection between the men and women, many elderly, who were attending a peaceful gathering and concert in Kulikovo Square and the people who fought the violent street battles in downtown Odessa against the Right Sector thugs.                                                                       To suggest that the people in Kulikovo Square in any way provoked the attack is simply an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has studied the video evidence.                                                                                                                      Neither article gave their readers any links to the raw material that is essential viewing if any effective judgment of the affair is to be formed i.e. to the many videos available online, or to any of the detailed analytical reports which have been posted.  (See also Post E).

The Guardian was most egregiously offensive with statements that were either deliberately mendacious or written with a reckless disregard of the evidence available.         Amos the reporter writes:                                                                                                                       ‘Eventually pro-Russians were pushed back, and they fled the city centre, many streaming towards the Kulikovo Pole square outside the Trade Union building where a pro-Russia tent camp had been in place for several months.                                           In a running confrontation, both sides threw Molotov cocktails, one of which set alight a makeshift barricade in the foyer.’

Video evidence shows, however, that it is a nationalist, pro-Kiev (not pro-Russian) mob that surges down the avenue from the city centre. There is no running confrontation  during which Molotov cocktails are thrown. There is in fact no confrontation at all as those attending the meeting in the square withdraw immediately into the Trade Union building.                                                                                                                                         The reference to a barricade in the foyer (not apparent in any of the videos) is an irrelevance in the light of what else was going on.                                                       Amos had earlier written:                                                                                                                   ‘In clear evidence of police complicity . . . Odessa’s police have a long history of cooperation with pro-Russian activists, according to local journalist Oleg Konstantinov . . . Spurred on by the cooperation of police and pro-Russia activists, the pro-Ukraine side quickly gathered its supporters . . .’                                                                                          In fact, as the video evidence referred to below shows:                                                            The police when threatened by the Right Sector thugs simply stand mutely by, accepting the threats and doing nothing.                                                                                                     Police officers can be seen wandering among a Right Sector crowd that is making death threats.                                                                                                                                                      A police officer can be seen chatting with Right Sector group of men while one of them makes a call on a mobile. The same man can later be seen shooting at those trapped inside the building by the fire.                                                                                                                           The police did nothing to stop the Right Sector attack on the building.

The BBC page monitoring Russian TV states:                                                                         ‘Around 40 minutes into Ozhog, the film showed a man beating a figure lying outside Trade Union House with a pole or club.’                                                                                       The criticism levelled at Russian TV is that the clip is shown several times. The page continues:                                                                                                                                    ‘Viewers were clearly meant to think*** that there were several such incidents, whereas in reality there was just one.’                                                                                                                  So that’s all right then – only one man beaten to death on the ground after he has just jumped from a burning building to try to save his life.                                                                     Did the people who wrote this stuff actually think about what they were saying?     ***You’d have to be as thick as the person who put this BBC page together to see this clip more than once and not immediately recognise it as the same incident.

In connection with allegations of murder and atrocities within and without the building the BBC states that evidence to support these claims was manipulated or else was questionable.                                                                                                                                     Such statements by themselves are worthless though unless we are told:             What evidence is the BBC talking about.                                                                                          In what specific ways it was considered to be questionable or to have been manipulated.     Whether the judgements on the evidence had been made by the BBC itself after a proper investigation or whether they were simply relying on the anonymous, Ukraine-based ‘2 May Group.’                                                                                                                                         Whether the BBC in fact viewed many of the videos of the atrocity, particularly those which ran with translations of the cries of the Right Sector mob as the attack proceeded, and what fault it may have found with these, if any.

Many of the videos show groups of armed, club-carrying thugs, many  helmeted and black-clad, rioting throughout the inside of the building and in particular repeatedly attempting to batter down a door that they might get at the people sheltering behind it.                             Are we supposed to believe that their intentions were benevolent?

In particular the BBC article refers to a photograph of the ‘bloated body’ of a woman: a shameful evasion of the truth, calculated perhaps to lead the casual reader to suppose that the ‘bloating’ was the effect of the fire.                                                                                             In fact as the photo# makes overwhelmingly clear*** the body is that of a heavily pregnant woman. Her blouse has been pulled up to expose her belly, and neither the body nor the surroundings in the room in which it was found have been touched by fire.

The translations on one of the videos identify her as the woman who was at one time crying out for help, to which one member of the crowd responded by calling for her to be silenced.                                                                                                                                           Evidence inconclusive says the BBC, but one wonders what conceivable explanation other than murder they might have for this.                                                                                              # See the link to photos below, but be warned – extremely graphic.                                            *** And as virtually every other internet source seems readily to accept. Just Google ‘odessa massacre pregnant woman’

The page continues                                                                                                                        ‘Gazprom-Media’s NTV was the most blatantly misleading, declaring in a caption that “nationalists burnt to death 48 anti-Maydan [pro-Russian] supporters in Trade Union House”.’                                                                                                                                                       In fact, as these notes and video links that follow show, the only sense in which the Gazprom caption can be said to be misleading is that it actually downplays an incident which is best described as genocide, in which apart from those who burned to death there were also pro-Russians sheltering inside the building who were murdered and women probably raped before the fire took hold, and survivors are shown who have been badly beaten and abused by the mob.

The BBC page is headed ‘Monitoring the World through its Media.’ If only the BBC could show the same vigilance in its monitoring and analysis of the lies and black propaganda churned out by the White House and its representatives.

Timeline of Events based on the videos listed below which give the lie to virtually everything that is said or implied in the Guardian and BBC reports

Outside the Trade Union building pro-Russian supporters, men, women and at least one child are shown amid stalls, placards and tents engaging in what was demonstrably a peaceful operation.                                                                                                                          They then heard that trouble was on the way and made some half-hearted attempts to build barricades for protection.                                                                                                           A nationalist, pro-Kiev mob, completely unopposed, overruns the square throwing down publicity hoardings, overturning stalls, destroying tents and setting fires.                                 The pro-Russians offer no opposition but withdraw into the building and the first Molotov cocktails are thrown at and through the windows of the building by the mob.                   Molotov cocktails continue to be thrown as the fire takes hold.

Armed members of the mob break in through the back door and are themselves inside the building photographing the fire and breaking into rooms on the upper floors until the fire forces them out.                                                                                                                                  The crowd gather round cheering as the building burns and a gunman in the crowd fires# at people trying to escape the blaze by climbing through the window on to ledges.          Men, children and old women die. Those that survive are beaten up by the thugs in the mob.                                                                                                                                                 # Vadim Savenko, a deputy of Odessa Region Council, is extensively reported as saying that some of the bodies recovered from the building had bullet wounds to the head.

Essential viewing, but reading the notes will take less time                                                                                   A long video 1.19 hrs, which expands on the brief timeline above and which is particularly revealing of the attitudes and activities of the pro-Nazi, nationalist Right Sector who were responsible for the massacre.                                                                                                     Notes made as the video ran:

The piece opens with a selection of clips showing the Right Sector, pro-Nazi nationalist thugs who are given a free hand within the Ukraine by openly fascist regime installed in Kiev by the USA. There are Nazi salutes, death threats, and they proudly proclaim their allegiance to Bandera and Shukhevych – pro-Nazi collaborators during WW2, guilty of war crimes.

The video is exclusively in Odessa from 8.10 onwards.                                                                At 9.56 Right Sector thugs are shown threatening the police.                                                        ‘You either pack them in or we’ll fuck the police station up on Monday, I’m telling you . . . either we’ll pack all of them now or storm your office on Monday.’                                          ‘Let us do the job or do it yourself.’                                                                                                ‘Either it’s you who are going to “pack” them, or it’ll be us who do it, and then we’ll come after you.’                                                                                                                                             The policeman accepts all this and says nothing.                                                                            A police car is attacked and retreats.                                                                                                   A violent Right Sector crowd is creating mayhem while a police officer wanders through in the background as there are shouts of ‘We have to kill them all. We have to.’   Three more police officers can be seen rubbing shoulders with Right Sector and doing nothing.                                                                                                                                            Young women are shown making Molotov cocktails.

At 12.08 a policeman can be seen chatting with the Right Sector while one of them makes a call on a mobile. The same man can later be seen shooting at those trapped inside the Trade Union building by the fire.

At 14.00 there are repeated cries of ‘to Kulikovo’ – the square where the separatists were holding a meeting outside the Trade Union Building.                                                                     At this time there are no ethnic Russians to be seen. There is no fighting, no confrontation, just an assembly of helmeted Right Sector thugs armed with clubs and shields marching through a huge crowd who are applauding them. There is not a police officer in sight.  

14,23 the crowd is seen marching steadily down a street.

14.41 back to centre of town/crowd take over fire engine

14.52 Back to the Kulikovo

15.10 Survivor being interviewed after the fire.                                                                                 “On 2nd May we were warned that they will try to break us up and disperse our activist group on the Kulikovo Field . . . We are a group of activists that come to the field to chat and discuss what happens now. But we firmly believed that they would not be able to attack regular folk and grannies of my age.                                                                                    So everyone willing came to the field. Afghan war veterans were doing a concert here. I saw myself there was a lady with two kids, one around 10 to 12 and another even younger. They were passing by and stopped for a moment to watch the concert. We gathered in groups discussing what was going to happen and what we should do.                                         Then someone brought the news concerning the street fights going on in the centre of the city. So we started collecting to provide the wounded ones with medical supplies, to bandage them. Later during the course of the concert someone said they were approaching us. We took our items and ran into the building. That woman she ran along with us. She burned in this building. She just took her children out for an evening stroll you understand.

At  16.21 brief shot in town of Molotov cocktails being prepared                                            

At 16.32 A supervisor is shown explaining that when the mob arrives they will withdraw into the building.  “We took out all the icons, brought them near the building and now we’ll carry them everything inside . . . We’re saving all our icons and all our property. We’ll go inside the building and stand on the defensive till the end.

At 17.05 back to crowd marching down street.

18.14 Back to Kulikovo – barricades being constructed.

19.04 Shots of the crowd streaming down the avenue from the city centre towards the Trade Union Building.                                                                                                                         At no time during this shot (19.17 onward is particularly clear) or in any of the preceding shots of the crowd streaming out of the centre is there any sign of any pro-Russians being pursued or of any confrontation.


19.34 The mob arrives. Shouts of ‘start burning them,’ ‘keep surrounding them, surround them, surround them.’ Outside the building there is no opposition and the mob overruns the flimsy barricades and begins destroying the tents and display stands. Fires are started.

20.19 first Molotov cocktail is thrown from the crowd towards the building. Not a  policeman is in sight.  

20.54 Cut to a little time later. People can be seen at open windows in building.  A young boy and a man taking photographs.

22.10 One of the mob speaks to the camera                                                                                 “They did not build this building and now we’re going to have to burn it along with them. Because they came to us with a sword to the Cathedral.’  

22.18 Shots taken the building show smoke-filled rooms and a Molotov cocktail coming in. Person speaks ‘Get a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.’

22.41 Next shot shows main entrance door well ablaze.

22.45 Molotov cocktail thrown from upper window hits a ledge of the building lower down and burns. Front entrance is well alight.

22.57 Cries of “Let’s burn these mother-fuckers right here, fucking faggots.”

23.15 The mob breaks into the building through a side door. There is in fact a queue waiting to go in. Many of those inside are black-clad and masked.  Shouts of “Let’s move faster, move faster.”

24.06  As they enter another side door there are cries of “Kill Russians, hang Russians” and “Guys don’t do it. It’s not needed.” “Hang communists.” There is a whole long line of them streaming in.

24.23 Video of them inside going upstairs to upper floors

24.49 cuts back to interview with survivor.                                                                                     “Then people started shouting that two floors were taken by radicals who were killing our people. We were covered in smoke. Some of us tried to reach the stairs and hide on the roof. We were barely able to see through the smoke. We reached the roof and knew that nobody will come to save us.

25.18     Mob trying to break down doors to get at the separatists.  There are so many inside the corridor is crowded and the action is being filmed.

26.03 A woman is shown inside being manhandled through the mob towards the broken down side door through which they entered and calling out, ‘Guys, please don’t do this.’ Nothing more is seen of her.

26.18  The mob is later shown streaming down the stairs from the upper floors while fires are already burning on the stairs down which they pass. There is a long line of them and some twenty plus must have been seen just passing by.

26.47 back outside. Shout of “Burn them to hell.”                                                                     Two observers comment: ‘They’ll burn the building’ ‘Who is inside?’ ‘Odessa citizens. Anti-Maidan.’ ‘And who are these?’ ‘Right sector. 300 arrived today. Football ultras.’

27.16 The crowd outside yell ‘Goal’ when a Molotov cocktail breaks through a window.

27.47   Outside a man with gun fires at people inside the building who are trying to escape the fire. He is the same size, has the same haircut, is identically dressed and wears the same coloured band on his left arm as the man who is shown at 12.14 speaking on a mobile with a policeman alongside him.

28.10 he shoots again. Conversation ‘He is ours. The one standing on the balcony is ours, and I am shooting into the window.’

28.33 Cut back to from of building which is now well ablaze at doors and windows.

29.11 A loudhailer is heard from inside the building:                                                                      ‘Police you have been bought as scum, and all of you will go to prison afterwards.’          The loudhailer is heard again, ‘Citizens of Odessa, rise up.’

29.55 Helmeted men in black arrive (?policemen) observed by a policeman who is speaking on a mobile.         Fires are set not only at the main front entrance but also at the side entrances leaving no opportunity for escape. A person is shown lying prone on a ledge outside a top floor window.

At 30.54 onwards at one of the side entrances into the building, there is a section showing the bodies of those who have jumped lying on the ground, and just briefly a member of the mob clubbing one of them on the head as he lies on the ground. Two more persons appear to fall.

31.41 Shouts of ‘Jump you scum.’                                                                                                         Numerous shots of people standing or crouching on ledges outside the windows. Shots also of those who have jumped injured, dying or dead being carried away.

In the critical initial stages the police are nowhere to be seen and arrive only when it is too late for them to do anything for those trapped inside.

33.23 Inside again with a man taking photos while the fire rages behind him.

33.45 Fire brigade have arrived at last.

35.32 Voice from crowd “Shut her so she will not scream.”

35.54 Voice from crown “There are calls to leave them inside of the building so they could burn alive.”     “It’s not a woman it’s a separatist.”

36.18 A Ukrainian flag is cheered by the crowd as it is waved from a top floor window of the building even while the fire rages elsewhere.

36.38 Outside front of building. Fire rages on.

38.05 Interview with survivor continues: “Two men were trying to get down from the roof, they wanted to make a corridor so the others could get down as well. They went down to the top floors and were beaten so badly we agreed to stay on the roof.

38.28 Chants from crowd ‘Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes.’

39.05 Shots of injured survivors lying or sitting on ground. One says ‘I am for federalisation.’ Voice from crowd ‘For what? Do you even know what federalisation is?’ Another is pulled back and told ‘Show your face.’ From the crowd ‘And this is a communist.’                                                                                                                                    Shots of survivors, many with blooded heads from being beaten and abused by the mob. To one injured man/woman crawling along the ground, ‘Crawl you bitch. We are Ukrainians not Russians.’                                                                                                                                                 A shell-shocked old lady is led out.                                                                                             Terrified, beaten and injured survivors are left in a heap on the ground surrounded by a hostile mob.

41.23 An injured man is carried to an ambulance. ‘What happened to him?’ ‘He was hit multiple times on the head.’

42.22 Calls from a policeman when a survivor is attacked as he is taken to a police van ‘Calm down, Don’t beat him. Don’t kill him.’

42.52 Pro-Kiev people enter the building immediately after the fire. ‘Currently they are cleaning up the place and not allowing me there.’    Camera then moves inside with them. ‘OK here is still quite hot.’ They try to break down a door. ‘You don’t have the axe?’

44.03 They shout to someone behind the door, ‘Hey there, get the fuck out. We won’t kill you otherwise you’ll burn alive. It’s fire here.’

44.41 One pro-Russian who has survived is beaten as he passes.  ‘Is he alone here?’ ‘They’re all dead . . . they will get poisoned here.’

45.15 A couple lying dead together are referred to as ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

45.39 ‘Nine dead bodies on the top floor . . . one alive.’    ‘Call paramedics. Let them take out the bodies . . . I’m pissed off carrying these corpses at Maidan and now here.’

46.11   Conversation between cameraman and those searching through the building.             ‘Guys, I won’t stream this.’                                                                                                                 ‘What do you mean?’                                                                                                                          ‘The thing you are doing now – I run live stream.’                                                                          We are left to speculate what it might have been.                                                                        ‘Have you found any guns?’                                                                                                            ‘No. There’s on the attic is a can with gasoline.’                                                                           ‘I’ve 6000 watchers of my stream.’                                                                                                    Dead victims are referred to as ‘Colorado beetles’ a term of abuse for pro-Russian separatists.

47.01 Back outside. Flag raising and crowd shouting.

48.02 Back inside. Dead bodies on stairs.

48.11 The next sequence, presumably taken a few days later, shows pro-Russians going through the rooms.   Dried blood within the building in rooms untouched by fire is evidence of assaults on the separatists.                                                                                               A blood-stained axe is shown. ‘They were killing them. This was a murder.’ ‘They even chopped people’s legs off.’ ‘They were killing them. Slaughtered them.’ There is an exchange relating to the police.                                                                                                  ‘Guys, guys look. There’s blood on the walls. They were murdering them here.’ ‘Fucking hell, look at what they were doing here.’ ‘There have a look ladies. Look how much blood. Look at the table too. Film on the table, on the documents. Look at what they did.’ ‘Those monsters. What were they doing, huh.’ ‘They are scum. Inhuman scum.’ ‘You see I couldn’t sleep for three days. I always hear the screams of these children.’

49.27  A list of the dead follows with causes of death which apart from those dying from their fall include 6 from gunshot wounds and head injuries.

50.43 On the roof of the building: not clear who is speaking. ‘It’s shame on you – you were raised to be such fucking monsters. Here we see the weapons. I will take this club for memory. Not a single gun was found in the entire building . . . Scum shot us in the back.

51.32 Back outside. Pro- Russian protesters smearing the Ukrainian flag in red = blood.

52.00 The supervisor seen at the beginning (16.32 above) is on camera again after the fire in a long, long interview.                                                                                                                     ‘It took place about twenty minutes before the coming of those pravosekov (Right Sector) or Bandera’s scum or fascists . . . I don’t know what else to call them – those are all mercenaries – those are not some soccer fans or tourists.                                                             Those were clearly paid bandits.   Many of whom were prepared. They had firearms, flare guns, and were carrying Molotov cocktails – rocks of all kinds, because they immediately started throwing them at the people who didn’t have the time to go inside the building. They began to shoot at us and burn us from every side. They came from every direction almost at the same time. They immediately threw some substances with a scent, seemed to me like some gas.                                                                                                                                   People immediately began to suffocate. I just have a sore throat so I immediately ran upstairs, but the ones who tried to endure it, they basically suffocated. There were people laying on all four floors suffocated from gas. We had to relocate down to the neighbouring wing – there was less smoke. There we defended the farthest ladder so that nobody could go up on it. We sat there until dark.                                                                                               One platoon of cops came around, and they stood about 40 meters from the building, lowered their heads and didn’t make a single step forward. All those bandits stood by the building, shot at us, threw Molotovs at us, and murdered the people who jumped off the windows, right on the ground. Simply finished them off.’                                                            A question is posed and he answers,                                                                                                 ‘I through a megaphone, this one – for three hours. I gave the command “Walk up and save the people.” Nobody did step up. I was also being shot at and they were trying to spot me with their laser pointers. They were telling me “Lieutenant Colonel, we are going to tear you to pieces.                                                                                                                                   Police officers didn’t go inside. They surrounded one building by a dense ring. 2nd dense ring of cops stood by the second perimeter – they didn’t let peaceful people in, but all these bandits approximately at about, I don’t know, maybe they got in earlier, at about 10 pm – the main mass drove off . . . but the bandits specifically, who were finishing people off, came inside the building, and there you could constantly hear gunshots. They were yelling out, “There’s one more door, burst it open, there are alive people in there.” And there were lots of gunshots heard.                                                                                                                       We were located in a different room. It had a steel door, so they couldn’t break it open. But they were afraid to go up the roof because we had people on every staircase, standing there with shovels, anything they had at hand, so we could throw them out or even kill them. Then we managed to talk to the police so they won’t pass us through the crowd like those who jumped off the lower floors.                                                                                                   They tried to kneel them all. The wounded were being finished off and no medical help was given because they wouldn’t let them. Ambulances didn’t drive up. They were basically being finished off. Those who weren’t being finished off were thrown into prisoner transport vehicles.                                                                                                                               Then around 4.15 am  they got 45 people out, but I didn’t see it – I got inside because of cold. Then at 10.40## I rang a police officer (Lt. Col.) and asked him to get us out of there, because I didn’t trust the police. They may have not got us through there – we were the last witnesses. He specifically sent us his two police officers and they withdrew the five of us through the main entrance at 10.50##. On the way I got a ribbon from one of the corpses. There were charred corpses lying all over the staircase.                                                               They prepared a hose, it was already lying there, but once they started to open a valve there wasn’t anything.’ (Question,’So they blocked it?’) ‘They blocked it in advance, they blocked the water on purpose. One fire truck came without water. I mean there was 180 meters to the fire brigade. They didn’t come, appeared only after an hour. They just imitated.                                                                                                                                               The police also took an hour to crawl here, stood aside and just helped them to do . . . I don’t even know what to call it. Everything was done on purpose. We just thought that they would run up here, worst case scenario throw things at us, try to burn the tents and walk away. The police would block us and not let them burst into the building.                   But they had a mission to kill us – by any means. And even if we wouldn’t go into the building, they’d be running us down and killing us in the bushes. And later they tried to get down the rope, but they were being shot at with pistols, and were also reporting to their bosses in Kiev.                                                                                                                                    You could look it up on the internet. Everything is filmed. Documented so well, like for a protocol. They don’t even hide their faces. And we stood until the end. And I came out the last. And when them (sic) screamed at 4 o’clock “Victory,” when 45 people came out, they thought there wasn’t anybody else there. But 5 more people remained there, and that means they lost. But the next victory will be ours.’

57.03 Shot of wreaths laid in the days that followed.

57.38 Another interview. Q, Tell us why so many people died. A. Basically they choked of smoke. Q. Why they couldn’t escape to the roof? A. Some of us did, but a lot of people inside were elderly and they couldn’t because it was hard to breath as banderists came towards the barricade and smoke filled the whole building. We had nothing to extinguish the fire. The water in the building by some bizarre accident disappeared. Q. How many people died inside the building? A. I was not counting. Q. Approx? Officials claim 36 deaths. A. I was not counting, but few dozen of people certainly.

58.38 Returns to interview with lady at 15.10 and 24.49 above.   ‘4 or 5 times they tried to get us to come down.’ Q. How many of you were on the roof? A. There were around 50 of us. Eventually all of them were taken to the police station except that woman with the broken leg. They were beating on the car with us inside it waiting to leave. We reached the police station with punctured wheels. At around 3.30 am we went downstairs and were taken to the police station. Q. Were they all from Odessa? A. All of them. Q. I mean those from Grecheskaya Street, were they local? A. No they came in two groups the night before, we heard them shouting. On the second two more buses arrived with radicals. Everyone in the building was dead by then. Only we survived here on the roof. When we arrived at the station it was packed with our activists, and there was no space.

54.49 Cuts back to shots of the fire with a BBC report.

1.00.32 Another interview some time after the event which I have not transcribed as it does not appear to be in any way reliable. A survivor is being interviewed and while one must have every sympathy for him he is being egged on by the crowd and making what are clearly exaggerated claims even from what I have seen and heard.

1.02.23 Back to the interview with the lady survivor. ‘We from the roof were not beaten up whereas everyone else was severely beaten and wounded.’ Q. What do you accuse them of? A. I don’t know they accuse us of mass riots, disorder, 208 (sic) and other criminal activities. You know what, when we were here above and they tried to convince us to leave, they said there is something ready and if we don’t come out we will all burn. And we were negotiating with each other whether to come down or stay here. Q. What can you say to Odessa? A. I can say that now they burned us and they won’t stop. They felt the blood those ultras and rebels. They were burning police officers and they won’t pay for this. And you think they’ll stop? You think this mass of 5,000 people can be stopped? Who can stop them? Q.Were there just ultras or other rebels? A. I don’t know. They were shouting the whole night at Kulikovo Field as if crazy. “Odessa is ours hooray. Odessa is Ukraine. Hail Ukraine.”‘

There is nowhere at any time any indication that any of the Right Sector mob have been injured.

1.04.07 What follows has nothing to do with the events of the day.

Yatsenyuk, in an interview after the event says, ‘It is clear Russian-led protesters provoked the unrest, but the consequences are disastrous.’                                                   These are the Kiev lies that are always accepted uncritically by the West.

At the Kulikovo square there was no provocation, just a savage assault on a peaceful meeting by an overwhelmingly large mob.

The piece concludes with an introduction to the National Guard proudly parading and assembling under the symbols of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian), and later with the Azov Battalion (black clad, masked and armed), being sworn in as part of the National Guard.

A promotional picture showing a large group of similarly black clad, masked and armed men has the caption: ‘There was never an order to disband the UPA’

There follows photo and film of the Lviv pogrom of June/July 1941 where the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) assisted the Nazis in the slaughter as they had done at Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.                                            Graphic (in the extreme) images (from about 1/3 down) of victims of the massacre as found in the building immediately after the fire. They show in particular                                A male with head burned black but clothes and torso untouched by fire.                                A female with head burned black but frilly blouse immediately below untouched by fire. Upper clothing has been pulled up and jeans are open.                                                        Young pregnant woman arched back across a desk, blouse pulled up to expose her belly. Body and surrounding room untouched by fire.                                                                       Evidence inconclusive says the BBC, but one wonders what explanation other than murder they might have for this.                                                                             Female naked from the waist down. Body burned, but little sign of fire apart from on the corpse.

These, together with other bodies that showed bullet wounds to the head, are interpreted as evidence of murder and rape carried out by the Right Sector mob who ranged throughout the building before the fire took hold, with bodies deliberately burned afterwards in an attempt to conceal what took place.                                                                Peaceful gathering outside TU Building. In the opening seconds it appears that the doors to the building are already open. Two people heading towards the doors disappear behind one of the pillars and do not reappear. Mob surges in from the right and it is quite clear that there are no pro-Russians being pursued. They begin to break up the exhibition and the first Molotov cocktail is thrown. Fires are started in the square.

1.37 crowd in square begin to run back from the building – not clear why.

2.03 flames seem to be showing inside a second floor window.

2.26 A Molotov cocktail is thrown up and starts a fire at 2nd floor window on the right. There now appear to be flames at the main entrance.

2.37 2nd floor window hit by Molotov is still burning fiercely and front door is obviously well alight.

2.56 What may be a fire hose is carried across the square.  Remaining scenes add nothing.                                                                    Shows pro-Kiev crowds waving Ukrainian flag streaming down avenue towards TU Building.    Starts at 1hr 08 but the whole video is worth watching. Molotov cocktails thrown at mob from roof.                                                                                                                    At 32.24 shows police mingling with the pro-Kiev rioters.                                                         At 35 shows police lines holding back rioters.                                                                                At 38 helmeted, black clad men wearing what looks to be protective body clothing and armed with shields and clubs begin to move off in another direction.                                        At 54.28 masked man with red arm band fires pistol down, but at whom?                           He is accompanied by others with red arm bands throwing missiles, but the whole section which runs to 55.20 is obviously an insert from another video.

From 56.50 a group of police are seen protecting a helmeted and masked man dressed in khaki kit, from the pro-Kiev mob. He is presumably an ethnic Russian who has been involved in the street fighting.                                                                                                             At 58.40 a policeman pulls off his helmet and mask. The police try to keep the crowd away but eventually he is thrown to the floor and can be seen being beaten with clubs. He eventually gets back on his feet.                                                                                                       The crowd eventually get to him and at 1.02.06 he is shown on the ground with two of the crowd apparently torturing him. The outcome is unknown.                                                     Later one of the policemen can be seen laughing with the crowd.

1.05.06 1st scenes of mob moving out of town towards Kulikovo. They are armed and marching but no one is being pursued.

1.07.56 The mob is now running down the road leading directly to Kulikovo. No one being pursued. The camera follows until they arrive at and overrun the square.

At 1.08.30 the mob arrives in Kulikovo Square where they are offered no opposition. They overrun and destroy the tents and publicity displays. Fires are started. The first Molotov cocktail is thrown.                                                                                                                              The ethnic Russians have withdrawn into the entrance and are assaulted with a barrage of stones.

At 1.11.20, only a few minutes after the mob arrive in the square, two men are seen on the roof of the building with Molotov cocktails one of which is thrown.                                             The video later returns to the roof where two men and a woman are shown with Molotov cocktails looking down at the square.

This video ends before any fire is seen in the building.                                                              Odessa Fire: What Western media doesn’t tell us. Contains useful translation of the comments of the cameraman. Graphic toward the end in showing the treatment meted out to those from the building who survived.                                                                  Another review.                                                                    Shows police with shields and ad hoc devices protecting themselves and the people sheltering behind them from a hail of missiles and Molotov cocktails.                                       They are gradually forced back under the assault.                                                                          A view from above of the Odessa ‘shooter’ made so much of in the western media and referred to in both articles.#                                                                                                          Whether pro-Russian or an agent provocateur (both are alleged) there is no clear indication in the video that the weapon was actually fired. Indeed for most of the time it would be difficult to do so from his position at ground level without hitting the dense cordon of men with shields that line the road ahead of him.                                                         # Neither article makes any mention of the man shooting at the people trapped in the building by the fire. In his case there is absolutely no doubt who he represents and what his intentions are.




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